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Why You Should Let Us Design Your Website

The early bird catches the worm and the SEO designer improves the website, so if you are able to entwine the two into one process then you will already be ahead of the game. Letting a specialist who is trained in both factors conduct the design stage will help you start strong.

They will be able to make your website clear, cohesive, and search engine friendly so it will be able to rank quickly and effectively. If your website isn’t built on these principles, then you will find that it needs reworking in the future – something you might end up paying for – so why not save money and get it done first.

It will be easier for you and the designer so get the dream team started early to create something special. If you don’t know where to find someone then give us a call as we are well versed in the world of website design.

How Is SEO Design Different?

If you choose to incorporate SEO into the initial design phase, then your designer will take a two-pronged approach. They will of course focus on a visually appeasing, clear, and efficient website like your usual designer however they will also focus on the underbelly of your site.

It’s not enough to be beautiful on top, you will also need to make sure all links, pathways and URLs are in good shape to let anyone accessing your site navigate easily. Whether that is a search engine or a potential customer – both are crucial in dictating the success of your business.

If they are unable to find what they need then it will directly affect your ranking and you’ll find it difficult to move up the pages. This will stop customers visiting so even if you are selling their dream product – you will never make a sale.


My Website Is Built?

If you have already made your website, then never fear – it’s not too late – a good SEO web designer will still be able to help and if they say it needs redoing then don’t trust them. Of course, you can improve on your hard work, there is no point deleting it.

They will just tidy up the crucial things you can’t see to ensure that everything flows cohesively. You should ask them what they are planning to do and make sure that they cover all these steps to do a thorough revision.

Firstly, they need to work on all URLs to make them condensed and containing keywords. By tidying them up you will allow search engines to have easy access to your page and then will be able to display it for all relevant searches.

Secondly, they will need to organize the entire structure of the page and create cohesive pathways for visitors to travel down. The easiest way to lose visitors is to have a confusing page so let them follow the trail of keywords to find your excellent product.

Thirdly, they need to organize and tag all headers properly so that they are correctly categorized as H1, H2, etc. All of these factors will make your website seem professional to all visitors.

Content Edit

As well as tidying up the internal parts of your website, a good designer will also be able to work with your original content. While it might be well-written and engaging, it might not have the optimum layout which will accidentally turn your readers away.

A good designer will make sure all the topics are separated to a one per page format that will allow the reader to easily see what is listed. That way they will be able to follow a pathway of keywords that will leave them feeling satisfied with the outcome.

If there is a confusing homepage or a lack of links, then that is something a designer can easily fix for your benefit, successfully enhancing user experience. People would rather click on some easily labelled links then feel like they are stuck doing all the work.

A Final Tidy

The final element that needs to be in the mix is a cleanup of all unnecessary plug ins, codes, or blocking unnecessary pages, to make sure everything is top level. This not only improves user experience but also speeds up the website.

You should take every step possible to ensure your website is running at full capacity so that you keep your readers engaged and your ranking high. It will flow like water across all pages with a perfect sitemap and flawless structure.

Where Do I Sign Up?

​If you are looking for someone to help with your website or just some expert insight on what would be beneficial, get in contact with SEO London Agency. Our team of professionals will be happy to help.

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